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Building Blocks for Success: MiO Block Play

MiO Block Play

Do you have old fashioned blocks? Or have the simple building toys lost their appeal to snazzier toys? Here’s one rule to learn: The more a toy does, the less likely your child will be to use her imagination when playing. One milestone I assess in children is, “Can he stack seven blocks at age eighteen months?” I often wonder if children are missing this skill due to lack of exposure to blocks.
Well, wait no longer. Manhattan Toy’s new MiO block sets will have your children having fun while gaining more skills than any app can teach. What do children learn from blocks? Everything!
Block play requires fine and gross motor skills. It enhances problem-solving abilities, mathematics skills, and language and literacy readiness.…

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Behind the Scenes: A Toy’s Journey From Idea to Best Friend

Behind the scenes

At Manhattan Toy, we find joy in making playthings for kids! Our wish is to create toys that become childhood favorites, but a lot of work goes into making unforgettable toys. Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a Manhattan Toy approved friend? Take a visual tour with us to see how our newest baby collection is coming to life!
The whole process begins with trend research. We travel the world, searching our surroundings for inspiration – store visits in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tokyo – trade shows in London, Paris, New York – along with trend forecasts and web research. This helps us to develop our unique vision.

The next step is to develop new characters.…

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Today’s Forecast: 100% Chance of Indoor Fun!

Rainy Day Play

By: Jamie Davis Smith, Contributor at Everyday Family and Huffington Post; Professional Photographer
All parents know that kids are happiest when they’re playing outdoors. Unfortunately for them, and us, there are many days every year the weather just doesn’t cooperate. Even though we’ve reached the summer months, the rain and the heat can conspire against us to keep kids inside. You may be up for splashing in the puddles or bringing out a sprinkler, but for the days you would rather stay dry, check out some creative ideas for indoor fun.  After all, a rainy forecast is never a pain when you use your imagination.
Zainys Hand PuppetsZainys HorseZainys UnicornZainys CrocodilePrevious ImageNext Image
When boredom strikes and you’re stuck inside, a puppet show is always a safe bet.…

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Is It Fun? Is It Safe? Is It IRRESISTABLE?!!

Cover Shot

At Manhattan Toy, we take JOY in making playthings for kids! Our wish is to make toys that become childhood favorites. Take a visual tour with us to see how our newest baby collection is coming to life!
Everything begins with trend research. We travel the world in search of inspiration – store visits in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tokyo – trade shows in London, Paris, New York – along with trend forecasts and web research. This helps us to develop our unique vision.CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT
We chose our animals – a bear, lion, monkey and elephant. Now they each need a personality. Our talented illustrator sketched some ideas. STYLE GUIDE
A style board was created for each of our characters.…

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Birthday Gifts: Easy as 1, 2, 3


It is fun to give gifts, especially when you’re able to witness the sheer joy in the recipient’s face after unwrapping the perfect gift. Below is a gift-giving guide for those that need some advice on purchasing a fun and developmentally friendly gift for a 1, 2 or 3 year old. Check out these picks of the best toys for the little ones in your life celebrating their 1st, 2nd or 3rd birthday.

Toys for 1st Birthdays!
Tree Top Adventure™ or Playful Dino™ – Gliders, bead runs, spinning gears and more! Plus standing play for new walkers.
Create & Play Pattern Blocks™ – Stacking and rearranging the colorful blocks supports the development of eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.
Whoozit® Learn & Play Cube™ – A variety of textures, colors and sounds create an array of playful features that will entertain and teach cause and effect all at once!…

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And the Winner is . . . Manhattan Toy!

Award Winning Toys

We love when our products receive awards; which is why we’re sharing the news about our recent award winners!  Check out all five awarded winners and the great things reviewers had to say about them.
Every year, the Tillywig Toy awards program helps bring light to the best new toys, games, apps, music and books of the seasons for both consumers and retailers.   This year, they’ve selected our Groovy Girls® Special Edition Ballerinas and our Ocean Adventures Finger Puppet Set™ as winners!. The following reviews were written for each awarded product:
“Groovy Girls, a brand long known for embodying self-identity and individualism, now adds two special edition ballerina dolls to the collection. These soft, 13-inch dolls, each with lovely yarn hair and expressively embroidered facial features, have distinctly different appearances from one another.…

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Ages & Stages: Best Toys for Baby’s Development

Ages & Stages: Developmental Toys for Baby

Child development is always a hot topic.  I mean, what parent doesn’t want to know how to nurture their growing baby?  Babies develop a wide range of skills within the first year of life.  From smiling to cooing, from rolling over to walking, baby is busy learning and developing from day one!  You may already know the basic stages of development from birth to age 1, but do you know how to foster those developmental milestones through play?  Then look no further!
According to WebMD, there are many things to look for and expect to see from your growing baby.  We’ve taken their list of developmental milestones for the first year of life and paired them with toy suggestions to help foster their emerging skills. …

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Morning Routines that Work

Morning Routines That Work

Want to have a calmer day? Then work to ace the marathon with a morning routine.
Routine can be a safety net for young children. Keeping a steady routine will help every member of the family feel loved and respected. Along with setting up a routine comes speaking to your child when changes inevitably occur so he knows what to expect.
Take one young child with speech delays, for example, whose mother said, “It just never occurred to me to talk to him about what was going to happen, until a therapist gently pointed out how I can improve my interactions with my child. She suggested that this might be a direct cause to the meltdown my son was having. He needs to know what to expect, [the therapist] explained.…

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4 Ways the Winkel Builds Wonder


Babies delight in grasping things as early as four months when they are just starting to develop fine motor skills. This is also when eyesight matures enough to track interesting objects, which is why infants often put objects with contrasted patterns or bright colors in their mouths. This new sense of wonder is what makes our Winkel™ a winner across the board.
Easy to grasp: Manhattan Toy Winkel is composed of small, flexible tubes, great for little ones just learning to grasp. It also promotes clutching and two-handed play.
Loops are thin, lightweight, and flexible: The toy is lightweight so it won’t hurt when your little one misjudges the distance from hand to face.
Can be refrigerated for teething babies:  The soft, colorful loops are made from safe, BPA and PVC­ free plastic and can be refrigerated to soothe teething babies.…

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Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!


Earth day is Friday, April 22.  What are you doing to celebrate?
Founded by former U.S. Senator, Gaylord Nelson, Earth day is a time to remember just how important it is to protect and care for the environment.  After all, we’ve only got one Earth! If you’re looking for some family friendly activities to get you into the spirit of “Earth day” check out our list of five ways to celebrate this year!
1. Get out and volunteer – Find a local organization that has planned environmentally friendly events going on this weekend like planting trees or organized trash pickup. Great resources could be as close as your local community center. Visit to find events in your city/state. Or plan your own group volunteer efforts in your neighborhood to help out your community.…

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