Baby’s First Christmas

ben xmas

Your child’s first holiday season is special and brings with it a whole host of new firsts.  It is the first time your littlest love will be included in family traditions and celebrations.  The first time the newest member of your family sees the wonder of holiday displays and lights the first time he will hear age-old holiday songs.   Depending on how old your baby will be during the holidays, it will be the first time she tastes traditional holiday foods and meets Santa. For some, the holidays may be the first time extended family meets your baby.    It’s important to slow down and take the time to enjoy all of these firsts with your baby.…

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Manhattan Toy Gives… you a chance to win big this holiday!


The holiday season is all about giving and we just love it – especially seeing how it makes those receiving feel!  Today, our holiday shopping contest begins! Enter now, November 14th through Wednesday December 10th for a chance to win $350 to!  The winner will get their prize just in time for the holidays!  Enter Now by clicking here.…

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The Educational Perks of Having a Plush Pal


We take great pride in creating some of the very best plush critters on the market because we know many times a baby’s first toy is a teddy bear or another soft animal creature.  When shopping for a cuddly toy to gift (or maybe even yourself!) you may think it’s just a cute, sweet item, but actually there are a lot of educational benefits little ones can learn from a plush friend.  In honor of Plush Animal Day yesterday, here are 5 benefits of stuffed animal toys.

Touch:  Babies and toddlers love to touch the surfaces of stuffed toys, feeling their fabrics, fur or hard eyes.  This helps children make connections about what they feel and practice grabbing and holding onto things.…

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Neighborhood Toy Store Day: Nov. 8, 2014


It’s almost that time again!  Every year, members of the “ASTRA” (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) participate in Neighborhood Toy Store Day.  Saturday, November 8th, is the date of this year’s Neighborhood Toy Store Day.  ASTRA retailers across the nation will be hosting special events to mark this annual shopping day.   From entertainment and crafts to scavenger hunts, ASTRA retailers will have a plethora of fun activities and events taking place this November.…

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How to Encourage Imaginative Play


Imaginative play is essential for children and their key to engaging and making sense of the world, because children learn best from experience: from what happens around them, what they see, hear, smell, taste and touch.  To truly absorb these skills they need to act out various experiences they may have had or something that is of some interest to them, so they can experiment with decision making on how to behave and practice their social skills.  Often adults under value imaginative play, and with Halloween almost here the holiday to truly imagine yourself as anything else and role play at all ages, we’re here to help and give you some suggestions on how to encourage and inspire imaginative play in your home.…

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Teach Kids Responsibility Through Organization & Chores


As a parent, you have a job to teach your child valuable life lessons. One of these important lessons you must teach your child is how to be more organized. Let’s face it — not all kids are naturally organized (oh how the world would be so much easier if they were!), so it’s your job to help your kid learn good organizational skills. Not only do good organizational skills keep things neat and tidy in your home, but they can also help life feel calmer and more controlled. Rather than picking up after your kids, follow these tips to teach any child to be more self-sufficient and organized!…

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Don’t Forget the Toys


When planning for your first child there are many things to consider adding to your baby shower gift registry.  From the car seat and crib, to clothing and diapers, there are so many things to think about.   All parents want what’s best for their baby, from the best pacifier to the stroller.  But, while you’re registering for all the newborn essentials, you can’t forget the toys!
Within the first weeks and months of life, newborns transition through many developmental stages.  From changes in vision to muscle control.  Toys play a crucial part in these early stages of development by providing the necessary tools and stimulation needed to support their growth.…

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Playing with Baby


Playing?  With a tiny baby?  Some of you may be wondering exactly how to when humans are that young.  Babies are tiny and fragile – but not easily breakable.  And truly, playing is essential to a baby’s development and initiating early learning skills.  In honor of Baby Safety Month we want to take a moment and share some fun, safe and creative ways to play the youngest of us.…

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Introducing Little Ones to a New Sibling


I’m currently expecting my fourth child and know from past experience several times over how important it is to make sure that older siblings don’t feel pushed to the side when a new baby arrives.  Showing the big sister/big brother lots of love is of course the absolute most essential thing that parents can do to ease the growing pains of a growing family, but the reality is that babies take a lot of time and parents of newborns are inevitably, irrevocably tired and don’t always have the time, energy, or patience to spend as much time with an older sibling as they would like.  What’s more, friends and family are usually thrilled to snuggle with a newborn and often show up with an adorably baby toy, which can make the older children feel even more left out.…

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