Baby’s Snuggles: The Inspiration for Snuggle Pods™

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Is there anything better than baby snuggles? That’s an easy one: No, there’s not! But cuddling up with your little love is more important than just squeezing those chubby little cheeks and getting the warm and fuzzies. According to Scientific American, skin to skin contact can accelerate baby’s development, as well as their recognition of self. Not to mention, it’s great for your emotional health, too!
Baby snuggles were our inspiration for Snuggle Pods™, one of our favorite soft toys! Plush dolls get tucked into their little pea pod for a dreamy night’s rest, and make great cuddle buddies for your little ones. Teach them about bedtime, and then make sure they have a loving pal to snuggle up to, even when you’re not there.…

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Why I Love my Daughter’s Lovey


Kaila Weingarten, MS Ed
You’ve seen the kid in the grocery with a little tattered piece of cloth. You shot weird looks at the mom, but when you have your own child, all you want is for them to have their own lovey. My daughter asks to go into her crib so she can twirl the faded pink ribbon of her doggy as she relaxes. In fact, she taught her little sister to say “doggy” as one of her first few words.
So what is a lovey? Loosely defined, it’s an object that provides comfort and soothing, A.K.A. ‘comfort object’, or ‘transitional object’. Most loveys are what you’d think of as comfort items – blankets, or stuffed animals.
Why would you want your child to attach to a piece of cloth?…

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New for 2016!


Happy New Year! It may be 11 below zero here in MN, but our warehouse folks are keeping warm and busy with new deliveries from Manhattan Toy! From January –May we’ll be welcoming over 70 new toys born on our drawing boards and made for you –our customers. Our team of designers has been hard at work to create inventive new toys that are sure to please the little ones.
First to arrive are some of the newest additions to our baby collection. We’ve got Bee and Fish teethers that squeak and Baby Bell rattles that chime, not to mention stuffed Stowies™ animals that can store trinkets inside! Baby will love our Roly-Bop Lion™ and Elephant. These roly-poly characters will wobble but won’t fall down, so baby can bop and play while fostering gross motor skill development.…

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Toys for Three Month Olds: 4 Things you Must Know

3 month old toys

By Kaila Weingarten, MS Ed
Congrats! You made it through those first three months. Although your baby lost that newborn look, she’s finally responding with coos and smiles. She’s getting curious about you and the objects she sees. And he’s getting stronger and will learn to coordinate movements. It’s up to you now to encourage learning by talking and responding to your baby and providing age-appropriate toys.
Yeah, I know. You mean I went through labor and birthing classes and that didn’t cover it all? Don’t worry, you’ll have the basics right here. Some of this your probably even doing, without knowing all the fancy words. So what’s your three month old up to?
She’s learning to open and shut her fists, to start holding cool stuff like rattles and toys.…

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Meet Baby Stella®

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Meet Baby Stella®
Being a parent is a big job. Keeping the kids clean, happy and healthy comes with a to do list that’s longer than you could ever have imagined, and from day one, that means feeding, rocking, changing, singing, and wiping away the tears (even when sometimes you’re in tears yourself)! But when that list of responsibilities grows, so too does your heart.  One of the most important things you can teach your little one is how to give all that love!

Award-winning Stella is the perfect first doll to inspire role play in little ones.  Not only is she soft and snuggly, her detailed embroidery gives her lifelike fingers and toes, a belly button, and that oh-so-sweet Stella smile.  …

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Reading to Babies-Why, When, and How

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By: Kaila Weingarten, MS Ed
When I was a young girl, there was one place I awaited going to eagerly. It was not the candy store. Nor was it the toy store. It was the library. I loved choosing from hundreds of books, all different sizes, colors, shapes, and subjects. Coming home with a bag of books was a dream come true. Which book should I choose? The latest novel? Or perhaps an inspirational biography? Books transported me to different eras, places, times and people. They evoked myriads of feelings and emotions: excitement, suspense, sadness, fear and more. Today, reading books is still an enchanting experience in which I revel.
Instilling a love for reading is a powerful gift to give your child.…

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Toys that Encourage Nurturing

nursing pets

The nurturing bond between mother and a child is something that spans years, cultures, and even species!

Little ones are never too young to learn about nurturing, which is why our Nursing Nana and Nursing Nina are such great toys for young children.

Our Nursing pets encourage nurturing through role play. Nursing Nina and Nana support children’s social and emotional development through play. Caring for the little puppies and kittens allows them to act out the bond they’ve learned from their caregivers, thereby, learning how to care for others and how to comfort them. And strengthening these skills is important in building close relationships and maintaining friendships.
It takes many years for these skills to mature, even us adults are still trying to master them!…

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Groovy Girls® – Inspiring Individuality, Self Confidence and Undying Imagination!

gg snuggles

Little girls are great. They see the world with kaleidoscope eyes, and they remind us to stop and take a look through those colorful lenses. That’s why we think it’s important to give them playtime companions that encompass all that spirit and encourage them to continue to grow and live as colorfully as their little hearts desire!
That’s what Groovy Girls® are all about: inspiring individuality, self-confidence and, of course, an undying imagination. From bright, fun outfits, to daydream-inspiring mermaid tails and Fairybelles™ that make great twirling partners. Creativity and imagination is in the eye of the beholder, which is why, at Manhattan Toy®, we strive to encourage young children to explore their world and never stop coloring outside the lines.…

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Wonder with a Wink

winkel banner

Babies delight in grasping things as early as four months. It’s when their fresh baby brains are just starting to develop their fine motor skills. While new infants can physically wrap their hands around an object (our pinkie fingers for example. Cue melting hearts), after a few months, they seek things out to grab. What’s more, this is right around the time their eyesight develops enough to track interesting objects and bring them to their mouths. The development of hand-eye coordination in your little one is an essential stage!
Know what else is essential? Making sure the target of their newfound wonder isn’t your favorite pair of hoop earrings (ouch). Your infant is most often entranced by contrasted patterns, shiny things, and bright colors, which makes our Winkel a winner across the board.…

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Hot Deals to Melt Away your Holiday Gift List!


The holiday season is in full swing at Manhattan Toy!  So we’re kicking off the shopping season with a bang!  Starting this weekend you can get your hands on major savings to jump start your holiday shopping.  Check out our Cyber Weekend deals, with ‘4 days & 4 ways to save’!  Naughty or nice, you’ll find fantastic toys at a great price!

Plus, we have our top suggestions for the holiday season in our Holiday Gift Guide.  Find the best toys for the little ones on your list.  Shop today and leave the worries behind of having all your toys in time for the holidays!  Last day for ground orders is December 16, but last minute shoppers can still take advantage of our express shipping that ends December 21.…

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