Hot Deals to Melt Away your Holiday Gift List!


The holiday season is in full swing at Manhattan Toy!  So we’re kicking off the shopping season with a bang!  Starting this weekend you can get your hands on major savings to jump start your holiday shopping.  Check out our Cyber Weekend deals, with ‘4 days & 4 ways to save’!  Naughty or nice, you’ll find fantastic toys at a great price!

Plus, we have our top suggestions for the holiday season in our Holiday Gift Guide.  Find the best toys for the little ones on your list.  Shop today and leave the worries behind of having all your toys in time for the holidays!  Last day for ground orders is December 16, but last minute shoppers can still take advantage of our express shipping that ends December 21.…

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We’ve Got the Tools for Successful Tot Travel

Travel Image

For a parent, road rage is something that doesn’t happen outside the car so much as it does in the back seat. A bored, tired or uncomfortable tot can be just as difficult on the road with as a crazy driver.  With the holidays coming up and with relatives to visit, road trips are inevitable! But sitting still is hard. A toddler’s typical attention span is no more than six minutes, according to the early childhood professionals at Day 2 Day Parenting. The trick to holding on to your toddler’s sanity (and let’s be honest, yours too) is to keep him or her engaged and comfortable!
We at Manhattan Toy have bright, fun, snuggly solutions that will help you do away with any car seat catastrophes that may come your way.…

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Neighborhood Toy Store Day!

ASTRA Neighborhood Day 15

It’s almost that time again! Every year, members of the “ASTRA” (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) participate in Neighborhood Toy Store Day. Saturday, November 14th, is the date of this year’s Neighborhood Toy Store Day. ASTRA retailers across the nation will be hosting special events to mark this annual shopping day. From entertainment and crafts to scavenger hunts, ASTRA retailers will have a plethora of fun activities and events taking place this November.
Neighborhood Toy Store day was created to bring neighborhoods together at the start of the holiday season; when the spirit of giving is almost in full swing.   This shopping event is a reminder, to the local public, that specialty retailers are an important part of their community. Specialty store owners strive to create a unique experience for their customers unlike that of larger chain stores.…

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Get Ready for Baby Genius®!


We’re excited to announce our newest toy collection: Baby Genius®! For more than ten years, Baby Genius has earned worldwide recognition for creating award-winning products for young children. In 2015, the Baby Genius brand has re-launched its collection with fresh, new entertainment (DVDS and music) and product designs for children 0-36 months featuring their adorable cast of characters.
The Baby Genius collection is based on the idea of Products with a Purpose that correspond to a child’s natural growth, stimulating a child’s development and providing guidance for parents. This curriculum was developed in consultation with Stanford University Professor, Emeritus Don Roberts, whose background is in communication theory and he has done extensive research on how children use and respond to media.…

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Don’t forget the A – Arts in Education Week is September 14-18, 2015


Over the past several years the importance of STEM education has been a big topic for policy makers and the education system. An acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; these certainly are important subjects that should be emphasized in the education system. However, there’s research backing the idea that in addition to STEM education, another important piece of the learning puzzle is the letter “A” for Arts, thus creating the term STE[+a]M.

Art by definition is a subject of study that is primarily concerned with the processes and products of human creativity and social life, such as languages, literature and history as opposed to scientific or technical subjects of study.  However, STEAM education supports the blending of art with sciences.…

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National Teddy Bear Day, September 9, 2015

win bear

Manhattan Toy is teaming up with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to offer you a chance to win your own Truffles Bear™!
We’re having an Instagram Photo Contest running now until September 9, which is National Teddy Bear Day! So stop in to your local Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and take a Selfie with Truffles Bear™. See contest details below to see how to enter or visit our contest page: Happy Instagramming!

Recent #TrufflesSelfie Contest Uploads!…

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The Magic Behind Top Ten Toys

Top Ten Toys Store Front

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the Greenwood area in Seattle, Washington there’s a fascinating toy store by the name of Top Ten Toys. Just off 85th street, Top Ten Toys has Seattle’s largest selection of classic, hands-on and fun educational toys.   Owner Allen Rickert, prides himself on filling his store with “toys that inspire creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity”.   Rickert’s sister Adelia, opened the store 27 years ago. Being a single parent, she wanted to create a toy store that carried the kind of toys she wanted to provide for her son. Manhattan Toy is proud to have been a part of their toy collection since day one!
Top Ten Toys offers a place for kids to explore their creativity through play!…

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Independence Day: Tips to Stay Safe This Holiday

fourth of july fireworks

The fourth of July is around the corner! Celebrating Independence Day with friends and family usually includes outdoor activities such as: attending parades, hosting a barbeque, taking a dip in the lake or gazing at the pyrotechnics of a fireworks show. Being out on a beautiful summer day is certainly a treat, but staying safe during the hustle and bustle of celebration is an important precaution to take. Here are a few safety tips for your Independence Day festivities.
Fun in the Sun

Sun Protection – Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats are three great ways to protect you and your family from the sun’s rays.
Stay Hydrated – Drink lots of fluids and snack on foods high in electrolytes to help you stay cool and hydrated throughout the day.…

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School’s Out! Time for Summer Travel Planning


School is out for the summer for a majority of students across the U.S. So what’s next? Why not take a much needed family vacation?! According to the Travel Habits of Americans 2014 survey, “42% of Americans did not take any vacation days in 2014”. It’s hard to believe that so many hard working Americans chose not to take any time off. All the more reason why this summer you should pack up the kids and get some ‘R & R’.
Whether you plan a trip to Orlando to visit Disney World or you take the kids on a weekend adventure to a cabin on the lake, sometimes getting to your destination can cause passengers to get a little restless. So, how do you prevent restless traveler syndrome?…

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Supporting Visual Development: The Importance of Developing Baby’s Visual Abilities

Wimmer Cover

Visual development is a crucial part of baby’s growth. According to Pregnancy & Baby’s 2012 article on visual stimulation, newborn babies are only able to see a mere 8-15 inches in front of them. In addition, “they are unable to see color or highly detailed designs”. This can make it challenging for parents to find ways to help support and stimulate baby’s visual development. However, through research doctors and scientists alike have found that “high-contrasting colors are best for building vision development in newborn babies” Pregnancy & Baby Magazine; 2012. Knowing this valuable information about baby’s visual abilities is the key to choosing the best toys and products to help support their visual development.
At Manhattan Toy, we have many award winning toys that support babies as they achieve their milestones in development.…

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